Tips For Perfect Cake Layers (and product review)

For the longest time, I struggled with “domed” cake layers that were impossible to stack properly, and required a lot of excess icing to fill in the large gaps on the sides. My cakes tasted delicious, but didn’t look professional.

Most of the time it didn’t bother me… until I would see a perfectly flat cake on Pinterest or Instagram, and be reminded of how I hadn’t “cracked the cake code”. Finally, in some obscure bakers forum I happened upon, I saw mentions of a technique involving wrapping wet cloths around the pans to facilitate even baking, and less doming. I tried to DIY but it was an added annoyance, the cloths kept slipping off, and I felt that the fire hazard from my homespun solution was very real.

Until my Amazon addiction paid off yet again, and I found these babies while browsing the baking section (photo below).


They claim to be effective and easy to use. (And I got mine for $8.91, score!) Based on my trial, I’m here to happily confirm!

These adjust to fit almost any typical-sized pan, are relatively easy to handle, and produce a professional looking layer cake.

According to the directions, I soaked mine for exactly five minutes. They floated, so I ended up weighing them down with a plate.


They fit easily around my cake pan, but they do slip a bit and require extra attention when handling from counter to oven.


And here’s the most important part: the layers. The top image is the layer I baked without the bake-even strips, and the bottom image is the the layer I baked with the bake-even strips.



Pretty impressive, for minimal cost and effort, right? I’m also pleased that I no longer need to painstakingly slice off domed sections and essentially waste food when I want a professional looking cake. As you can see in the bottom image, there is a very slight doming effect. It wan’t enough to be visible in the finished cake, but next time I’m going to try soaking the strips longer than the directed 5 minutes and see if it makes a difference. In any case, this technique is…

… wait for it….

a piece of cake!



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