$30 at an estate sale

Estate sales are notoriously hit-or-miss. For some, it’s not worth the hassle. For others, it is a thrilling hunt for rare finds and good bargains. Yesterday, I was fortunate to experience the very best that an estate sale can be. I walked away with a trunk bursting with treasures… totaling less than $30!! The bulk of it is shown in the photo below, but in addition to this, my older two girls used their own money to purchase a plastic wagon (to use for later mischief, no doubt), and several books. I photographed these immediately after unpacking them, so I haven’t cleaned them yet. I hope you are able to appreciate their beauty despite the coat of grime. If you find yourself  admiring my table as well, please know that I got my entire Duncan Phyfe dining set for $600 from a consignment store in Delaware called Delmarva Furniture Consignment. You can view their inventory online.


What we dream of when we see a sign for an estate sale nearby!


Three rolls of warm pink upholstery fabric (of unknown yardage) will always be useful in a home with this many girls!


Silver plated bread basket. Shows some age, but in a charming way. I will eventually have it re-plated, but it isn’t strictly necessary.


Silver plated soup tureen (no ladle). The silver needs to be re-plated but it is free from any scratches or dents! I will use my silver-cleaning trick on this and see what can be done.


It is monogrammed with a W… our last name does not start with W. Hubby said, “W stands for ‘Winners’ so we can still use it.” I’m really excited to put this to use on my table, especially with soup weather soon to return.


They look large here because I was zoomed in so closely, but these demitasse cups are destined for permanent residence in my husband’s office, so he can take full advantage of their espresso machine.


Eight water goblets that are simple and will likely go with any table setting.


These were labeled as a set of “dessert glasses”. It is a rather odd assortment, but I couldn’t pass them up for the price, and they will be fun to incorporate into future tea parties, or use at the children’s table during holiday gatherings.


Lots and lots of sandwich glass!! I haven’t yet taken the time to identify them, but if you have more information about these, please leave a comment!!


I’m guessing these were originally champagne glasses. I may use them for that purpose, or perhaps to serve chocolate mousse, sorbet, or ice cream…


These little beauties are sherry glasses! I’ve never tried sherry (but I’d like to). I may use these at the children’s table, or as vodka glasses. Not at the same time, of course… unless they are getting too rowdy and it’s time to go to sleep. But I would never really do that…


There’s only a few of these, and you can see the one on the right is chipped on the bottom. I would like to serve root beer floats in them. What you think?


More water glasses. We are very thirsty, after all.

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