Girls’ Pleated Floral Jumper

PatternSimplicity pattern #4860. This pattern is vintage (circa 1950s), and is not available on their website, but they frequently do reprints of their vintage patterns, so check them out!

Fabric: Mystery fabric featuring various shades of pink roses on a blue/almost periwinkle background (from an old stash given to me by my grandmother). I’m guessing it’s cotton (possibly voile?) or maybe a cotton/poly blend. It is lightweight, and has a very fluid drape, more so than I’m used to seeing with woven cottons, is nearly opaque, and doesn’t wrinkle! I’ve washed it several times now, and NEVER needed to iron it. I wish I knew what this material was so I could look for more.

Notions: Buttons from Joann Fabrics 

Extras: Pink shirt is from Gymboree (currently still in stock: pink polo ) and jelly shoes are from Walmart (purchased in-store, and I can’t locate them on the website, but here is a similar pair in a smaller size: clear jellies)


When I first decided on using this fabric from my stash, I was apprehensive due to my limited (nonexistent, actually) knowledge of the material. It is so lightweight, I feared I would invest all this time making the outfit and have it rip after a couple wears. Thankfully this has not been the case! It has held up gloriously to play, washing in the machine, and hasn’t ever wrinkled! I’m truly shocked.

This was my first time working with pleats. It was certainly tedious, but the result is so polished and unique that I think I’m now hooked on the technique. The only thing I need to do to improve the look is make a proper petticoat to fluff up the voluminous skirt to its full potential, especially since this material is so fluid and doesn’t really have any body of its own. A stiffer poplin, sateen, etc might provide enough structure to wear on its own, but truly… frilly petticoats make everything better, don’t they?

Here are a few more pictures for your inspiration, and Pinterest needs:20180602_103855.jpg

First-Born opted for alternating pastel blue and white buttons down the back.20180807_090101.jpg


4 thoughts on “Girls’ Pleated Floral Jumper

  1. Hi: I wish to make this jumper for myself. I have a similar pattern to use. Does the back have a placket of sorts that goes into the skirt? Thanks much!



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