Spoon Bread

Spoon bread is a softer version of cornbread. Since it isn’t firm enough to cut and eat with one’s fingers, utensils are required…. spoons, usually… hence, the name! For a classic American Thanksgiving, corn must be featured on the table in some form. This recipe is our preferred way to partake in this custom. The photo used for this post was hastily snapped during our Thanksgiving meal, but I will remake this, and get a better photo soon.20181117_175949

3 Tablespoons butter (plus more for dish)

1 onion, very finely minced

2 cups water

¼ cup sugar

1 cup cornmeal (we prefer the yellow, coarse-ground cornmeal from Bob’s Red Mill)

1 ½ cups fresh or frozen corn kernels

1 ½ teaspoons sea salt

5 large eggs

1 ½ cups heavy cream

Preheat oven to 350ºF, and butter a 2-quart baking, or souffle dish.

Heat butter in a medium saucepan. Saute minced onion until soft and translucent.

Whisk together the eggs and heavy cream.

Add the water,salt, and sugar to the saucepan, and bring everything to a boil. Once boiling, slowly pour in the cornmeal, and stir constantly to avoid it forming lumps. Reduce heat to low, and continue to stir and cook for a couple minutes, until the mixture is very thick. Stir in the corn kernels, and mix well.

Remove from heat, and pour in the egg and cream mixture. Mix thoroughly. Once well-incorporated, carefully pour into baking dish, and carefully place in oven.

Bake until it is set, and the top is golden brown. You may cover with aluminum foil if you prefer the top to remain yellow, and avoid any browning.

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