Christmas 2019 Children’s Gift Guide

Up front, I feel the need to apologize for this post. Firstly, because my writing feels awkward after neglecting my blog for so long. Secondly, because I came up with this idea abruptly yesterday, and need to hastily post so that my readers can actually have a chance to read, shop, and have their items delivered before Christmas! So without further ado, let’s get to it! I will split this into two parts. The first part is a list of items (and links) that I have already purchased for my kids. Most of the items have already arrived, but some are not here yet. The second part is a list of things that I am confident they would enjoy… items that are still on their wish-lists but haven’t been purchased yet because even the most doting parents can’t buy absolutely everything (and it wouldn’t be good for the children if we did!). Most of these links are to Amazon listings, thought I am not affiliated with Amazon…. I just do a ton of shopping there! I will also add pictures of items as I am able, but I mostly want to get the list and links up without delay.

Items Purchased

Toddler Rapunzel Dress : I bough this for Gabriella, my youngest, months ago. However, I feel the need to share it here because of how well it has held up, and for such a fabulous price! Much of the dress is actually made of cotton, which I feel it rare these days.

Magnetic Bookmarks : You can find all sorts of styles if you do a little searching, but I have been using and loving this set for a while now. This is a great stocking stuffer for all avid readers, especially those who read on-the-go and struggle with other bookmarks slipping out.

Chatterbox Magazine Reprint (Entire Year 1901) : This gift may especially enthrall the reader with a diverse vocabulary and appreciation of history. Chatterbox magazine is a delightful publication for children that was published from 1866 to the 1950s. Those of you that know me already know that I boast an impressive collection of antique books and magazines. It is important to preserve, enjoy, and learn from these works, however it isn’t feasible for everyone to own original copies. Many copies are available to read for free online in the public domain, and some are actually available as reprints…… of varying quality. I have spent my money on many poorly-printed copies, but this particular brand/edition is one that we already own and enjoy. This volume contains all the issues that were printed that year. It contains beautiful illustrations, short stories, puzzles, poems, and nostalgia. (Suitable for Grown Up children as well)20191211_16572120191211_16573920191211_165758

Original Tamagotchi : Yes, my dear Millenial comrades, THAT Tamagotchi. The one from our youth! The one that took the entire planet by storm and was banished from most schools. I forgot how the girls heard about this “old” toy, but I looked up videos of it to show them how it worked, and they were enchanted. So I will have one for each of the older girls waiting for them in their stockings. This is the very design I purchased for them (iridescent mermaid vibes), but it comes in many colors.screenshot_20191211-173230_amazon-shopping.jpg

CD Player/Boombox : (::EDIT:: I ended up returning the CD player I originally linked because it was simply TERRIBLE. CDs kept skipping, the buttons were oddly placed, and the radio had no reception. We replaced with with a better (albeit more expensive) one and are thoroughly pleased. We also like that the new one has a cassette player as well!)

I’m not sure how many households own CD player/radio/boomboxes anymore. Our children don’t have tablets, digital music players, or cell phones. We have on TV in the living room and one desktop computer in the office, and my husband and I each have a smart phone. Both my older girls really enjoy listening to audiobooks together, and now they will be able to do so in the quiet of their bedroom instead of straining to hear amid the hubbub of living room or office activities. Which brings me to the next:

Portable CD Player : This item was, I believe, a Christmas gift from last year to Sophia (the oldest). I chose this one because it was the cheapest, and I wasn’t sure it would be wise to invest a lot of money for an electronic item for a child…. and with a grabby toddler in the house. I’m including it in this list because it has held up marvelously! I’m especially amused at the double-takes we get when she uses this “retro” device in public. She loves listening to audiobooks with this on car rides, or even in the house.

The Flintstones; Complete First Season : The girls caught a glimpse of the Flintstones while we were on vacation over Thanksgiving. They were both absolutely tickled by the “modern” caveman culture, so I immediately browsed for the DVDs on Amazon. I also nabbed one of the recommended items, which was:

The Jetsons; Complete First Season : The girls have never seen this show, and I’ve only seen a few episodes in my life, but if they thought the Flintstones were entertaining then I’m willing to bet they will enjoy this set as well!

Nova Natural Dollhouse Family : While I am providing the link for the family as a set, I actually purchased all the members separately so I could have more options on their individual features. It was only a few dollars more. This was my most expensive single purchase and I flinched as I paid, but Adriana (Second-Born) has owned and ADORED the dollhouse girl from this series (pictured below)… so much that the poor doll is absolutely disintegrating from all the love she’s enjoyed. I find that my girls prefer this size doll because they can be easily stuck in a pocket or bag, and are easy for tiny hands to manipulate. This gift is mostly for Adriana, as she is the most doll-obsessed member of the house, but I know the others will be delighted to see these as well.

Her name is Vasilisa, and we all think she’s charming. Adriana named her after the story of “Vasilisa the Brave”
I wasn’t kidding about her being “heavily loved”

Now that I’ve mentioned her name, here’s a link to the book that inspired it. The illustrations are divine, and anything from this artist would be welcomed by most children!

Training Chopsticks : My older girls like to insist they know how to use chopsticks and don’t require Western utensils when we go out for sushi. Then they drop food all over the place. This year, they will finally learn how to actually use chopsticks, and practice at home. Hopefully this set will help them practice the basics on their own, without me needing to split my time and attention even further at meals.

There are a few more items the girls will be finding under the tree, but I either couldn’t find links, or the items are simply too goofy/personal to list here.


Here’s a few items that the girls are hoping they will get. Perhaps another relative will get them, or perhaps they will have to wait. In any case, I hope this list gives you some ideas!

Tamagotchi ON : This is the newer, souped up version of the Tamagotchi, featuring a larger (and COLOR!!) screen, more activities, and an ability for your pet to interact and even visit other linked Tamagotchis…. and they can even get married!!! Aawwww!!screenshot_20191211-171413_amazon-shopping.jpg

Portable CD Player Belt : This gift isn’t for the socially faint-of-heart, but First-Born wants it so she can keep her hands free while listening to her audiobooks on her CD player. It is a perfectly sensible (if deliciously nerdy) request.

“My Other Shirt Is Made Of Mithril” : No doubt you can guess which child this is for. I really don’t need to explain any further… but I do want to say that this shirt is on my own wishlist as well!screenshot_20191211-171432_amazon-shopping.jpg

Melissa & Doug Dollhouse Castle: There are two in particular that caught Second Born’s eye: both the “girly” castle and the “boy” castle. I put both in her wishlist and we will see if any relatives are enticed by either. Otherwise, I may get one for her birthday in the summer. The hope is that her Nova Natural dollhouse dolls will fit. I think they are technically a little bit too big, but I don’t think it would be enough for her to notice or mind.

More Nova Natural Dollhouse-Sized Dolls: Second Born in particular just loves these dolls and is especially exited about the medieval series and the Nativity series. The links I’ve provided are for the sets, but the dolls may also be purchased individually, and there are many more dolls in general, as well as more members to add to each set, so please browse around if they caught your eye!

Toddler Harness : I admit it, Gabriella is a runner. So yes, I am “that mom” that is shopping for a child-leash. Judge me if you want, but these two harnesses caught my eye (and hers as she shopped with me!): butterfly harness, unicorn harness. If a relative doesn’t get them, I certainly will because this kid is a firecracker and my goal is to for her to at least survive to adulthood.

Like most kids, their wishlists are basically endless, but I do hope that this post gave you some ideas, and maybe a few chuckles. Seasons greetings to you all!


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