Powder Room Peek

For the most part, this website has been devoted to recipes, which I prefer to write in a straightforward style. However, a subscriber on Instagram suggested that I share more house-related posts, so here is my first attempt! I don’t consider myself a decorator, by any means… however, I hope that by sharing photos of my 1960s Dutch colonial, perhaps I can help spread ideas and inspiration. Please bear with my ever-improving photography skills. And boy… is there room for LOTS of improvement!! This room is outrageously difficult to photograph, as it is so small, and right off a narrow hallway. But hopefully you will be able to get a fun idea or two from the glimpses I’ve managed to provide.IMG_0256

The curtain at the window is one I made myself! I used quilting fabric from Joann’s, two different fabrics, actually. I was in a rush when I whipped up curtains for all the bathrooms in the house. We had just moved in, and I only wanted to provide a bit of privacy as quickly and cheaply as possible. The curtains all turned out quite decent though, and have remained ever since (aside from some seasonal laundering)! It is held up by a tension rod purchased at Lowe’s.


Having three young children in the house, step-stools to use toilets and sinks are essential. Ours were purchased at Target. The large bucket in the corner is actually a 5-gallon bucket from Lowe’s that we use as our diaper pail! I have it about half-full of water, with a generous scoop of Borax mixed in. When the baby has soiled a cloth diaper, this is where I plop the liners until it is time to launder a batch (any solid waste gets dropped into the toilet at flushed, first). I launder them every few days, and stench is never a problem. Perhaps that should be my next post: our cloth-diapering routine and recommendations!

As far as tiles, beadboard, paint, etc, it is just as when we purchased the house. Why mess with it, when it is already so put-together? Someday I will likely change the paint, but it isn’t really a priority.IMG_0261

I favor a simple cake of Ivory soap for hand washing needs, accompanied by a pristine white hand towel, and lotion if necessary.


I recently discovered that we have a tiny “Daphne” bush growing in our garden, wedged right next to a wall. How it got there, I honestly don’t know! I am thrilled at having powerfully fragrant blooms available while it is still winter! They are nice anywhere in the house, but I think it is especially appreciated in a space like a bathroom or powder-room. Hopefully the mock-orange bushes I planted a year and a half ago will provide fragrant blooms for us later this year.


I don’t know the technical name for this piece, but it is lovely! I assume it is to reinforce and help protect a heavily-used part of the door from grime and hand prints. This metal piece can be scrubbed without worrying about damaging paint. If anyone knows what this is called, please let me know!!20190221_145314

2 thoughts on “Powder Room Peek

  1. Oh, it’s lovely! Everything is classic and well taken care of! I love the floor and the door piece especially… they make everything quite elegant!


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